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Melbourne Meeting – July 2016

Monday 18th July at 6 for 6:15pm start.

“Issues with VCL Styles” – Tony Bryer from GreenTram Software

Second Topic T.B.A.

“Exploring the Men’s Shed” – Our New Venue Read more ›

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Perth Meeting – 21st June

Perth ADUG Meeting – 21st May

The ADUG Perth branch is meeting again on Tuesday 21st June at 6pm,

at the Artifactory,  8/16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA.


Topics – Pizza, plus we have 2 interesting presentations

1) Jim Eadie – TRS-80 Emulator

About the presenter:

Bought my first computer, a TRS80 Model 1, Level II 16K memory, in 1978, and , eventually to a model 4, 128K, with 5MB harddrive. Self taught BASIC and then Z80 assembler. Migrated to IBM-clone PC in late 80’s after a few years using an Amiga 1500. At same time changed to C/C++ over that time. Have stayed with PC’s since. Moved to Delphi with Delphi 1 when it first came out. Have migrated with each version release until Delphi 2007, when I saw a diminishing return in investment for the type of programming I was involved in. At this time I was working in a biotech company involved in the synthesis of custom bio-molecular compounds. This involved creation and maintenance of a database to track and guide synthesis of such compounds. I am now retired and with the extra free time available I decided I’d return to the TRS80. I had attempted twice previously to write an emulator. The first on the Amiga around ’86, and subsequently on the PC. The source code for the PC version dating around ’93. Neither of these was very useful, they were slow and there was not really enough memory in a 1-MB machine to do what I wanted to do.


  1. Basics of the Model I/III/IV TRS80 computers
  2. Memory mapping for M3/4
  3. Emulator interface
  4. Simple BASIC programs, CLOADing
  5. Assembly Debugger/Monitor
  6. Floppy Disk emulation/activation
  7. Inbuilt assembler
  8. Printer(s) emulation
  9. Still to do/enhancements


2) Scott van der Linden – Abstract Oriented Programming (AOP)

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is the next logical step in Object Oriented Programming (OOP).  In AOP the goal is to design each object with a pure focus on its purpose.  As such, cross cutting concerns such as logging and security are dealt with entirely outside the core classes; they are aspects of the code, not the core functionality.  In this session two ways of developing aspect oriented code will be demonstrated: the built in RTTI form (native Delphi), and the Spring4D form, using attributes.  If we have time we will also revisit Attributes in a more general way.
Scott van der Linden completed his Bachelor of Science (Computing Science) at Curtin University in 1995 with a minor in Computer Graphics and Master of Science (Project Management) in 2010.  He started programming on a Commodore 128 at the age of 13 and has been writing Delphi/Pascal code since 1986 (Turbo Pascal 3).  He has worked predominantly in the oil and gas industry writing inspection software, project management software, and now design engineering software.  Scott has a wife and seven.  He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which partially explains the children).

Where  – Artifactory  8/16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017
When   – Tuesday 21st June 6pm start
Why     – Freebie drinks and loads of Marco’s “Food Of The Gods” pizza.  Email dietary needs to scott.hollows@gmail.com



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Brisbane Meeting – June 2016


Wednesday June 1st at 5:30pm to 9pm.

Calling all Delphi-ites!

The next Brisbane meeting, on Wednesday June 1st, is one you don’t want to miss. Please note, the meeting is open for anyone who wishes to attend; an ADUG membership is not required.

Malcolm Groves, now representing his own company Code Partners, will give an Introduction to the just released Rad Studio 10.1 Berlin version. Come along and find out what great new features await you!

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Melbourne Meeting – June 2016

Monday 20th June

Subject Anonymous Methods and Generics – Colin Johnsun

Colin  explained what they can do and how they do it Read more ›

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Perth Meeting – 17th May

Perth ADUG Meeting – May 17th

The ADUG Perth branch are meeting on Tuesday 17th May
Delphi 10.1 Berlin user group launch party – presented by Lachlan Gemmel

Where Artifactory  8/16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017
When Tuesday 17th May 6pm start
Why Freebie drinks and loads of Marco’s “Food Of The Gods” pizza.  Email dietary needs to scott.hollows@gmail.com

10.1 Berlin expands developers’ ability to use a single codebase to rapidly develop applications for any device, while FireUI enhancements allow multiple device previews in real time. This version provides core technology enhancements such as the GetIt Package Manager that make it easier to create components and extensions for Embarcadero’s large partner ecosystem. This is especially important to develop and support a broad range of IoT-connected applications.

  • New FireUI Capabilities
  • Broad IoT Connectivity
  • New Installer for faster get up and go
  • Native Platform Enhancements
  • Loads of other stuff

Lachlan Gemmel is the President of the Australian Delphi User Group, an Embarcadero MVP and the webmaster of The TIndex Delphi directory website.
He is also the director of The Continuity Group where he brings a passion to seeing Delphi projects everywhere prosper well into the future.
Lachlan Gemmell is an experienced software developer with specialties in Delphi object oriented design and advanced language features. Prior to co-founding The Continuity Group Lachlan owned and operated his own software consulting business Solid Sphere Software for over 15 years providing custom software solutions to diverse sectors such as insurance, medical and professional sports.



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Melbourne Meeting – May 2016

Monday 23rd May

RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin – Malcolm Groves – Code Partners


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Sydney Meeting – April 2016

Meeting Postponed – We’re postponing the meeting until next week. It will now be on

Wednesday 4th May 2016 at 6 for 6:15pm start

New Venue – As the Sydney Embarcadero office is now closed we have a new venue for our meetings. Read further for the details.

This month Paul Jervois will show us how to get started with COM Automation and Lachlan Gemmell will demonstrate Delphi 10.1 Berlin and Firebird 3.0.

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2015 Symposium

Our 2015 Symposium was held in Canberra and Melbourne. The ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies whose sponsorship helped to make our Symposium possible:

Arena Business Technology TCG-Logo Nexus DB Help and Manual Devart Gnostice Information Technologies