Want to blog here at ADUG Members?

This is the blog for the members of the Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG) to share their thoughts on Delphi Programming with the wider world.

All members of ADUG are welcome to post here as long as

  • your post is about Delphi,
  • your post is does not directly advertise anyone’s commercial products or services,
  • you’re willing to commit to writing a new post at least once every three months,
  • your ADUG membership is up to date.

To post you’ll need

  1. a WordPress account if you don’t already have one,
  2. to request access by leaving a comment below (using your new WordPress login).

    I’ll need to be able to find you in the ADUG membership list so if you use a pseudonym please include your real name as well. Your anonymity will be preserved as I won’t publish the comments made on this page.

  3. look out for the invitation to join in your email inbox (within an hour or two most likely), read it carefully then click on the accept links if you’re still interested.

So get writing and show the rest of the world how we do Delphi here in Oz.

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2015 Symposium

Our 2015 Symposium was held in Canberra and Melbourne. The ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies whose sponsorship helped to make our Symposium possible:

Arena Business Technology TCG-Logo Nexus DB Help and Manual Devart Gnostice Information Technologies